November 17, 2019

Adorably cute crying babies! See if you can pass the test and not cry!

Look, I know it’s wrooooong feeding our craving for cute babies thru this.

But how can you not watch those adorable eyes tear up while they're biting their lips?

I don’t know why it’s cute and adorbs. I can’t figure it out myself. I mean, I have a baby nephew who also cries in the loveliest manner. (And I also take a vid of him when he does)

All I know is, just like me, you can’t resist the temptation of watching these charming little ones while you bite your pillow because you can’t handle the cuteness overload.

Oh, and don't fool yourself that you this won't make you tear up too while your brain tries to mimic their lovely expressions.

So here you are. You’re welcome.

Now, if you want a sequel to this video I just finished compiling (and they’re soooo much better), just comment “I want more!” on our Facebook post.

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